I am participating in the Mommytography 365 Project! For this year long project I will be posting an image a day, to get me out shooting, using my camera and learning new things with it daily. Anyone interested in photography can join, no need to be a Mommytographer. We have teens to adults, male and female, as well as people from all over the world. Come join the fun!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Project 365/*44: E&E --- JOY

Isn't this JOY!
Dancing with one of his fave mascot...Jollibee!!!

...and simple JOYs too to us parents,
seeing that our son is having the time of his life :D

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

Project 365/43: Home Decor

Got this from a friend, Nikki as one of the party favor of her daughter Maxine.
A Keawkoi Interlocking foam motifs.
I got the monkey design.

You can create a lot from this, it can be displayed as a table top or a wall decor.
Here, I just put together the 5 monkey designs to create a table top.
You just need your imagination to create an accent in you home.

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365/*42: ISpy Green

During last Sunday's Globe Run4Home Run.
Me and my little tot Leon joined the 3K race.
While in the course, we bumped into two Starship Troopers!!!
He knew the characters because he's a fan of Star Wars :D

Aside from the trees behind them which have green leaves,
check out Leon's sneakers - in GREEN & black

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

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